Monday, November 22, 2010

Sulit ang Pasko sa Sulit!

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Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon

Monday, November 1, 2010

Next Destination Batanes

Batanes is 16,874.59 kilometers (10,485.41 miles) from Manila the temperature will down as cool as 7 degrees Celsius. Batanes trip is will be deferent (if ever) to my last trip in Cebu and it has 17, 255.26 kilometers (10,721.95 miles) from Manila. In Cebu I experience to Heat and now in Batanes when I go there surely experiencing the Cool. When the trip to Batanes became true?

What have the Batanes to be my next destination?

Batanes is the smallest province in terms of land area and population. It is thenorthernmost province of the Philippines. Batanes is where the Pacific Ocean merges with the South China Sea. Batanes is great for summer vacation, fishing, diving and hiking. It is the best place for nature lover and people who love Harmony and time for relaxation.

Batanes’ Honesty Coffee Shop, there is no one minding the store. Instead, a clear plastic jar is left on the counter for customers to pay for their snacks and get their own change. It works under the honesty system.

These are some remarkable characteristics I always remember when they talk about the Batanes.

Now! South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) is holding a Blog Contest and which will be choosing seven lucky bloggers to join a bloggers' tour of the Batanes winter from January 28 to 30, 2011. This includes round-trip tickets from Manila to Basco and accommodation in Basco.

Why I should be chosen to join the tour?

Batanes is one of the Great tourist attractions in the Philippines; I want to experience and see personally the breeze from the merge of Pacific Ocean and South China Sea, the culture of Ivatans, Scotland like ambience and to see the glimpse of Taiwan also to share it through my blog. I ‘am a trip lover who wants to explore things under my capacity to go in the place where the challenges given like in going to Batanes challenge me to writing a blog and yet I’m a newbie in writing if you notice. Being a trying hard is not bad if it is your way to go out to your comport zone and I’m the one.

Help me to fulfill one of my Dream to travel and share, please do like for this blog write up on SEAIR fan page and become a fan of SEAIR and LIKE my link look for the image below:


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for now i cant provide my own photos for lack of resources and I would like to give acknowledgement.
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