Saturday, May 23, 2009

Journey for tommorow

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Do you know what is your duties for tomorrow?
Maybe All of Us will say that Yes with all a list of duties and we say it one by one with a side comment of "I'm tired doing this I always do it everyday and that's why I do this because its needed".
But do we really know what is really our task?
Maybe some say NO like me i don't know my real task for tomorrow I'll just only pray to God
"Lord use me of what is your plan for me and guide me to my journey in everyday put me up when i fall in trials. Give me your strength to over this things happens to me."
I've only can say to my self "I can do it!" say Yes for every of opportunity passes by to my hand. I hope i can do it right all the task given to me, even if you think its hard but if you put it in work it can be easy but if put only into your mind with out work its useless. You keep tiring your self if you thinking of what is right but not putting in works. Its better to think your plan for the next day than thinking what is right things to do.

Life has full of surprises and no one can know what will happen next day. Only can we assure there is another surprise for tomorrow. Lets be exited all day because all thing can be happen to us it might be good or worst only you can chose? what path you want? and fight for our life.

YOU DO THE MATH of your life

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