Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finding the Ako Mismo Dog tag?

Many people asking where to find ako mismo dog tag.
and even me finding one ako mismo dog tag.

according to the site ako mismo

"We wanted the dogtags to be a symbol for Ako Mismo and one’s commitment. The dogtag is a military symbol, a commitment to a mission, and we see the advocates as an army of hope. But to be quite honest we didn’t expect the clamor for the dogtags to be this huge. And so we are rushing to produce them in quantities to satisfy the demand. But for sure they will be made available in a few weeks. From the many blogs and comments we received, people wish to pay for them, and for those who do, we will ask only a minimal fee to defray cost, the proceeds of which will go to a respected and established charitable organization. We will identify these organizations soon on our Ako Mismo website."

Ako mismo plan to lunch there exclusive ako mismo merchandise on June 12, 2009 by a form of concert at Bonifacio Global city Open field.

Finding Ako mismo dogtag is finish, because on june 12 you can buy one. But I have one place that you can buy also buy ako Mismo Dog tag, where? At Baclaran along the LRT Station.

how do i know ?

One time Going to LRT station at baclaran to go to our home, I so some Copy of Dog tags selling by the street vendors at first i thought those copy are fake but NOT. I dont know how much they sell the dog tags because that time is raining that why i'm panic to go to the station. If you want check it out at baclaran along LRT station.


GiuLzie said...

thanks for this. :). i've been looking for 'Ako Mismo' dogtags for some time now. :)

curious_girl said...

Dog tags will be available this coming July 2009. It was launched last June 12 at Taguig. See my post about this.

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