Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You’re the 1, Goldilocks

Who is Goldilocks?

Goldilocks is my best friend. When we have parties and gatherings, never did she miss to be there for me. I really have lots of happy moments with her — my birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, weddings, debuts, and even during ordinary days, she really makes me smile.

I remember one time when my mother starved while we are in a certain mall. In her appeal to have at least a moment of break, she uttered “Tara kain tayo mga anak dun sa Goldilocks, masarap yung Dinugoan nila dun malilimutan nyo pangalan nyo.”

We just laughed at what our mother told us. Instead, I teased her and said, “Mom? Make sure that we will really forget our names the moment we taste their Dinugoan, if not we would need to transfer to another food shop.”

I dare my Mom for what she had told us and in full confidence she replied with a beautiful smile saying “Hah! baka kainin mo yang sinabi mo? At sabihin mo sakin na Nay balik tayo dito.”
We went to Goldilocks food shop and we tasted what our Mom indorsed to us. And it is true that even the only reaction that I had is “Hmmmm… Ang sarap nga! Mom what was my name again?” My Mom laughed at me and said Ano anak lipat pa tayo?” She continued to laugh.

Every time we recall what happened that day, I cannot stop myself to laugh especially when she tells that I just smiled while I hurried unto my meal to have another order. I just realized a certain thing, “Kung anu-ano pa sinasabi mo kanina ano ka ngayon?” I laughed at myself again.

I asked Mom how did she find the taste of Goldilocks. Mom just replied “Like you my son I was just invited by my friends when we have our get together. The expression you have now is the same reaction I had before.”

I can feel her satisfaction with the taste of Goldilocks. I asked mom if we can we be at Goldilocks again. My mother just laughed saying “of course my son we can go back here. Are you happy with Goldilocks?” she asked. And I said “Yes! Mom very happy.”
Goldilocks is one of the successful pastry and bakeshops in the country. And certainly, it will be more successful for more years to come.

Let yourself experience the taste of innovations.
You catch the taste of the Filipinos. And you know what we like thus it impress us a lot. For that I say, You’re really the 1 Goldilocks!

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